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Intel Xeon Processor E5 2600 Series
The Heart of an Agile Data Center

Intel Xeon Processor E5 Family

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Intel Xeon Processor E5 Family
Intel Xeon E5 2600 v3 Family
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The new Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 family product helps IT address the growing demands placed on infrastructure, from supporting business growth to enabling new services faster, delivering new applications in the enterprise, technical computing, communications, storage, and cloud. This new generation of processors enables powerful, agile data centers by supporting a Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) to address the imminent need of greater flexibility with higher levels of automation and orchestration. In addition, the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 product family delivers significant benefits in performance, power efficiency, virtualization, and security. Combining these benefits with a low total cost of ownership and Intel’s acclaimed product quality, the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 product family is a compelling solution for any organization.

Versatile Performance with Improvements up to 2.2X

The Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 product family adds 50 percent more cores and cache3 over the previous generation and includes numerous other hardware enhancements, such as Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2) and Intel® Quick Path Interconnect link (QPI). These innovations deliver up to 2.2X the performance over the previousgeneration to significantly boost output across a broad set of workloads. The Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 product family also delivers an increase in virtualization density of up to 1.6X compared to the previous generation,4 building on an ever more important capability in the data center.

  • Higher performance for diverse workloads – With up to 18 cores per socket, 45 MB of last-level cache (LLC), and next generation DDR4 memory support, the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 product family delivers significant performance improvements in workloads across all industries, from small businesses to large corporations in enterprise and technical computing, communications, storage, and private clouds.
  • Up to 1.9X higher performance gains5 for enterprise workloads with Intel® AVX2 – Intel AVX2 with new Fused Multiply-Add (FMA) instructions in Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 product family doubles the floating point operations (Flops) from first generation Intel AVX, and doubles the width of vector integer instructions to 256 bits, expanding the benefits of Intel AVX2 into enterprise computing.
  • Hardware-accelerated nested virtualization – Intel® Virtual Machine Control Structure (Intel® VMCS Shadowing) extends root virtual machine monitor (VMM)-like privileges to a guest VMM, enabling legacy OS, applications, security software, and other code not supported on the platform root VMM to be run on the system
  • Per-core P States – New per-core P states (PCPS) dynamically adapt and improve power for each core, resulting in optimized workload processing.

Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 v3 Product Family Overview

High Performance for the Broadest Range of Applications and Environments

Advanced multi-core, multi-threaded processing

  • Up to 18 cores and 36 threads per socket

Larger cache and faster memory

  • Up to 45 MB of LLC for fast access to frequently used data
  • Up to 24 DIMMs per two-socket server to support multiple data-hungry VMs
  • Faster maximum memory speeds than the previous generation (2133 MHz versus 1866 MHz)

Higher performance for diverse workloads

  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology10 takes advantage of power and thermal headroom to increase processor frequencies for diverse workloads

Higher performance for technical computing applications

  • Intel AVX2 accelerates floating point and integer computations with support for 256-bit vectors
  • Provides up to 1.9X more peak floating point operations11 than previous generation

Industry-leading I/O performance

  • Intel Integrated I/O provides up to 80 PCIe* lanes per twosocket server, and supports the PCIe 3.0 specification with atomic operations support for improved peer-to-peer (P2P) bandwidth
  • The Non-Volatile Memory Express* (NVMe*) specification that is supported by the Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Family for PCIe overcomes SAS and SATA SSD performance limitations through an optimized register interface, command set, and feature set for PCI Express (PCIe*)-based Solid-State Drives (SSDs).

Integrated storage features

  • Supports key storage processor features, including x16 non-transparent bridging (vs. x8 NTB), to increase scalability and accelerated RAID for implementing RAID 5 and 6 without a custom ASIC

Strong, fast data encryption

Intel Data Protection Technology with:

  • Intel® Secure Key provides high-quality security keys
  • AES-NI enables encryption to be implemented pervasively without sacrificing application response times
  • Intel AVX2 instructions deliver great performance of compute-intensive cryptographic algorithms and efficiency in large integer arithmetic operations, such as the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)

An excellent foundation for secure multi-tenancy

Intel® Platform Protection Technology with:

  • Trusted Execution Technology enables IT to establish trusted pools of virtualized resources for stronger security and compliance in multi-tenant virtual and cloud environments
  • OS Guard protects against escalation of privilege attacks that attempt to gain control of the platform or execute malware

Industry-leading energy-efficiency

  • Intel 22 nm, 3-D tri-gate transistors cut power consumption by half, versus the prior manufacturing process
  • Intel® Intelligent Power technology dynamically manages CPU and memory energy states to minimize power without slowing performance
  • Per-core P states dynamically and independently regulate power in each core, resulting in energy efficient processing

Comprehensive monitoring and control

  • Intel Node Manager lets IT monitor server power, thermals, and utilization, and set power limits
  • Intel® Data Center Manager: Energy Director lets IT dynamically optimize energy consumption at every level, from individual servers, racks, and rows to entire data centers


Intel Products
Intel Xeon Processor E5 Family
Intel Xeon E5 2600 v3 Family
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